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Our Experience:

Home Video Studio is the leader in 35mm slide preservation. We have been handling slides since 1991 and have transferred literally millions of slides.

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We Professionally inspect every slide you give us and make sure it's done right!

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For a hands-on approach to scanning and restoring your slides.

  • TLC - We touch every slide. You get ongoing quality control.
  • Best image available - Each slide is color-corrected and cropped, rotated and/or flipped if needed.
  • Best technology - Dirt, dust or scratches? We have the technology that may be able to digitally "mend" many of the ravages of time and the elements.
  • Best resolution - We scan natively to TIFF or JEPGS at an very high resolution which allows for enlargements. All corrections to the image (crop, rotation, touch-up, etc.) are made while still in the TIFF format. This resolution allows for enlargements as well. We can deliver as TIFF files or Hi-Res JPEGS.
  • Professional service - Everyone at Home Video Studio has degrees in film, video, media and/or arts. It is both our profession and our passion to transfer your slides.
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Wrapping it up!

Once transferred your slide images:

  • will be stored, in jpeg or tiff format, on a scratch-proof Archival Platinum DVD or Gold Archival CD rated for 100+ years
  • may also be placed on a thumb drive for convenience
  • may also be made into a video slideshow with background music and then be placed on a DVD or DVA - The Home Video Studio Cloud - watch on your smartphone, smart TV, computer or tablet.

Look no further. Home Video Studio has the experience, technology and concern for your precious slides. We care!

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3D Stereoscopic Slide conversion.

Home Video Studio offers the conversion of 3D stereoscopic slides. These slides were usually taken in the 1940's and 1950's and are beautiful and stunning. We can transfer these in mono - meaning that we will select one of the images and use that image for your transfer (both images are virtually identical) or you can choose our 3D transfer process. Please do not cut or alter these slides before you bring them to us.

Home Video Studio has technology to transfer these beautiful images in 3D. Ask about this service!

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The History of slides:

In 1934 Eastman Kodak introduced 35mm Kodachrome slide film. In the 1950's and '60s this format was widely adopted by families across the country to record and document their lives. Today, more than sixty years later, Home Video Studio has become the leader in transferring, preserving and archiving 35mm slides.

What about you and your family? Do you have boxes or carousels of precious slides stored in your closet or attic? Maybe your dad took them - or even your grandfather. And they took lots of them! If you're like most of our slide customers you have 500 to 2,000 slides (some customers have even more). You probably don't even have a way to view them, yet they're taking up a lot of space! What to do?

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Professional 35mm Slide Transfer in Naples, Florida :

Day by Day and minute by minute your slides are at risk for scratching, biological damage, and in some cases, fading, rendering your slides a putrid shade of pink or purple. Now is the time to take action. Don't wait - your memories depend on it.

We love slides and the memories they hold! Whether they're 35mm slides, 110 slides, 126 slides, 127 slides, stereographic slides, Kodak Disc or APS film, film negatives, medium or large format, or any other format, we've seen them all and we realize there's a lot of your life and memories preserved on them.

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Other Services:

LifeTIME Videos

Home Video Studio offers professional quality Lifetime and lifetime achievement videos in Naples, FL. Home Video Studio can film, transfer and convert your lifetime, home movies, slides, pictures videos to produce and edit your lifetime or lifetime achivement video to your satifaction. These are popular to commemorate the special people in your life and their successes!


07/11/2020 35mm slide transfer

I have used Home Video Studio to convert 35 mm sides to digital twice. The slides were from the severity's and had never been cleaned for that long. They did an excellent job of cleaning and convert...

- John Childers from Indianapolis

05/07/2019 35mm slide transfer

My boss entrusted me with his father's slides dating back to the 60's and he needed a quick turn around. Robert was amazingly kind and accommodating. I cannot recommend Home Video Studio highly enough...

- Kim Fenoglio from Fort Wayne

02/09/2019 35mm slide transfer

Thanks for digitizing my 3D slides. I was finally able to share my grandmother’s slides with the rest of our family!...

- Pat Taylor from Slidell, LA

08/31/2018 35mm slide transfer

I've enjoyed doing business with you!...

- Jim Goering from North Newton, KS

05/04/2018 35mm slide transfer

Thank you for your good work on my slides. They are much better than I expected them to be. ...

- Robb Brandt M.D. from Beaver Falls, PA

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DVA Explainer Video

Home Video Studio can transfer your old videotapes, 8mm film and DVDs to to DVA - The Digital Video Archive Cloud! Watch on your memories on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV! Instantly share your video with anyone in the world for free! Call 1-800-660-8273 for more information and/or go to www.myhomevideostudio.com. You can also email Robert@homevideostudio.com.

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